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Chinook/King Salmon


Fishing for the powerful Chinook or King Salmon is among the most prized of all salmon because of its large size and excellant flavor. 

Coho/Silver Salmon


Fishing for Coho Salmon (also known as Silver Salmon) in the Pacific Northwest provides a show with their acrobatic runs. 



Fishing for Halibut ( a type of flounder) in the Pacific Northwest requires patience making sure you wait for the rod to bend before you reel in the fish with steady pressure. 

Ling Cod


Ling Cod are an aggressive fish that can be found in waters as shallow as 40 feet or as deep as 400 feet. These bottom dwellers like rocks and reefs. Get ready for a battle to reel this hard fighting fish in! 



Rockfish come in several varieties and as their name suggests, they are bottom dwellers who like rocky underwater terrain.  

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